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Case Studies in Public Health


Author: Theodore Tulchinsky

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 14th March 2018

ISBN-13: 9780128045862

Pages: 604

Language: English



Case Studies in Public Health contains selected case studies of some of the most important and influential moments in medicine and epidemiology. The cases chosen for this collection represent a wide array of public health issues that go into the makeup of what can be termed the New Public Health (NPH), which includes traditional public health, such as sanitation, hygiene and infectious disease control, but widens its perspective to include the organization, financing and quality of health care services in a much broader sense. Each case study is presented in a systematic fashion to facilitate learning, with the case, background, current relevance, economic issues, ethical issues, conclusions, recommendation and references discussed for each case.The book is a valuable resource for advanced students and researchers with specialized knowledge who need further information on the general background and history of public health and important scientific discoveries within the field. It is an ideal resource for students in public health, epidemiology, medicine, anthropology, and sociology, and for those interested in how to apply lessons from the past to present and future research.

Table of Contents

1. James Lind and scurvy 2. Edward Jenner and smallpox 3. Peter Panum on measles 4. Semmelweiss, Nightingale, Lister and hygiene      5. John Snow and the Broad Street Pump6. Louis Pasteur and microbes7. Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich  and magic bullets8. Bismarck, Semashko, Beveridge, universal health 9. Joseph Goldberger on pellagra10. Marine, Cowie and Hetzel on preventing iodine deficiency 11. Elmer McCollum and vitamin D 12. Norman Gregg and congenital rubella syndrome13. Ethics, Eugenics, Nuremberg, Helsinki, and public health 14. Framingham, North Karelia, MONICA on CVD 15. Roemer’s Law     16. Enders, Salk, Sabin  and eradication of polio 17. Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB)  18. Thalassemia eradication in Cyprus 19. Maurice Hilleman and vaccines 20. Robert Guthrie and Nicholas Wald on birth defects21. Marc Lalonde and health promotion    22. Warren and Marshal on Helicobacter pylori