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Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists


Author: Harry CatherRichard MorrisJoe Wilkinson

Publisher: Newnes

Publish Date: 20th June 2001

ISBN-13: 9780080494173

Pages: 368

Language: English



The scope of Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists is wider than many traditional business texts, including hot topics such as e-commerce, business ethics and law, as well as fully up-to-date coverage of management issues and finance. The interactive style of the book is ideally suited for the study of business and management topics. Rather than focussing solely on management theory, the subjects are explored within real-world engineering contexts through numerous case studies and activities, which bring the content to life and create a highly accessible text for the student reader.The IIE Textbook Series from Butterworth-Heinemann”I am very proud to be able to introduce this series as the fruition of a joint publishing venture between Butterworth-Heinemann and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers. Mechanical Engineering Systems is one of the first three titles in a series of core texts designed to cover the essential modules of a broad cross-section of undergraduate programmes in engineering and technology. These books are designed with today’s students firmly in mind, and real-world engineering contexts to the fore – students who are increasingly opting for the growing number of courses that provide the foundation for Incorporated Engineer registration.” –Peter F Wason BSc(Eng) CEng FIEE FIIE FIMechE FIMgt. Secretary and Chief Executive,IIE This essential text is part of the IIE accredited textbook series from Newnes – textbooks to form the strong practical, business and academic foundations for the professional development of tomorrow’s incorporated engineers.

Table of Contents

Organizations and organizingHuman resource managementLawProject managementMoney in the organizationMeeting customer needsInformation technology and electronic commerce