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Breakdowns in Computer Security


Author: Michael E RentellPeter M Jenner

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish Date: 16th May 2014

ISBN-13: 9781483106076

Pages: 104

Language: English



Breakdowns in Computer Security: Commentary and Analysis is a compendium of 100 genuine incidents that have taken place in the past three or so years.The book describes computer breakdown incidents during the years 1988-1990 and provides to each incident a short comment indicating where improvements could have been made to alleviate or prevent the more damaging aspects of the problem. The types of generic risks (i.e. line tapping, espionage, communications failure, theft, malicious programming, hacking, disaster, and virus) that exist around IT systems into which each of the incidents described has been categorized are also considered. The book provides a complete analysis of the overall situation in respect of risks and threats to assets due to computer systems. References on computer weekly publications are also provided.Senior management personnel with responsibilities for data processing operations and company IT personnel will find this book beneficial.

Table of Contents

Introduction Computer Breakdown Incidents 1988 Computer Breakdown Incidents 1989 Computer Breakdown Incidents 1990 Generic Risk by Type The Wider View Index Computer Weekly Publications