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Beyond the Battlefield


Author: Sam C. Sarkesian

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1981

ISBN-13: 9781483190020

Pages: 304

Language: English



Beyond the Battlefield: The New Military Professionalism presents the nature and character of military professionalism. This book describes the increasing tendency for the military to view professionalism mainly in terms of military skills. Organized into five parts encompassing 13 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the various concepts and definitions of military professionalism. This text then reexamines military professionalism in the post-Vietnam era with regard to perspectives on value convergence and empathy between military and society. Other chapters consider the changes in the international security environment and the complexity of national security policy. This book discusses as well the demands on the profession as a result of the changed security environment. The final chapter deals with the essential factors that establish the military mindset and world view, as well as determine the quality of civil–military relations. This book is a valuable resource for military professionals and sociologists.

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Part I – The Dimensions of Military Professionalism Chapter 1 Professions and Professionalism Chapter 2 An Empirical Reassessment of Military Professionalism Chapter 3 The Dimensions of American Military Professionalism: Two Scholarly Viewpoints Part II – Military Professionalism in a Changing Security Environment Chapter 4 American Policy and Low Intensity Conflict: An Overview Chapter 5 Vietnam and the Professional Military Chapter 6 Revolution and the Limits of Military Power: The Haunting Specter of Vietnam Chapter 7 Professional Dilemmas, Adaptations, and Military Intervention Part III – Politics, Professionalism, and the Political System Chapter 8 Political Soldiers: Perspectives on Professionalism in the United States Military Chapter 9 Changing Dimensions of Military Professionalism: Education and Enlightened Advocacy Part IV – Challenge to Professionalism Chapter 10 Moral and Ethical Foundations of Military Professionalism Chapter 11 Military Professionalism and Leadership: Time for a Change? Part V – Conclusions Chapter 12 The Equilibrium Model of Civil-Military Relations Chapter 13 Postscript: What Needs to Be Done Bibliography Index About the Author