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Better Exam Results


Author: Sam Malone

Publisher: CIMA Publishing

Publish Date: 17th September 2004

ISBN-13: 9780080472102

Pages: 144

Language: English



Better Exam Results will help you develop proven study and exam techniques. Step-by-step it guides you through the various stages of learning from planning your study time, to reading, making notes, revising and preparing for exams.Malone is an established bestselling author who shows you how to:Learning to learn is an essential skill for students and much is known about the brain’s learning potential and how people learn. This knowledge is available in this book. Don’t rely on hearsay, apply the systematic approach in this book to improve your learning ability.

Table of Contents

Organising your study; How to make notes; How to tackle a textbook; Effective Reading; Effective Memory; Case Studies; Tips on Presentation; Examination Stress; Examination Faults; Examination Technique; Academic Writing; The Brain and Learning.