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Animal Models of Human Disease, Volume 100


Author: Karen ChangMin Kyung-Tai

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 17th March 2011

ISBN-13: 9780123848796

Pages: 550

Language: English



Animal experiments have contributed much to our understanding of mechanisms of disease and are important for determining new therapies. Animal Models of Human Disease reviews the latest research and developments in this field.

Table of Contents

1. Modelling cancers in Drosophila Dr. Lucas Waltzer 2. Modeling human prostate cancer in mice Dr. Fen Wang 3. The Drosophila heart: a model system for the genetics of cardiac disease and senescence Dr. Robert Wessells 4. Dissection of cardiovascular development and disease pathways in zebrafish John D. Mably 5. Transgenic mouse models of human cardiovascular and blood diseases Dr. Simon J. Conway 6. 800 Facets of Retinal Degeneration Dr. Andrew C. Zelhof 7. Towards a better understanding of human eye disease: insights from the zebrafish, Danio rerio Dr. Jeffrey M Gross 8. Mouse models of retinal disease Dr. Paul N. Baird 9. Eating on the Fly: Studying Metabolic Diseases in Drosophila melanogaster Dr David Tree 10. Mouse models of selected inborn errors of metabolism William J. Craigen 11. Modeling disoders of mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism in the mouse Dr. Eric Goetzman 12. Watching Worms Whither: Modeling Neurodegeneration in C. elegans Dr. Benjamin Wolozin 13. Demise of the Flies?: Why Drosophila Models Still Matter George R. Jackson 14. Utility of zebrafish to late-onset neurology: A developmental model coming of age W. Ted Allison 15. Genetic Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases Darren J. Moore