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Anatomy of Orofacial Structures


Author: Richard W BrandDonald E Isselhard

Publisher: Mosby

Publish Date: 7th February 2018

ISBN-13: 97803235700919780323570084

Pages: 496

Language: English



Anatomy of Orofacial Structures: A Comprehensive Approach, 8th Edition, gives you a clear understanding of oral histology and embryology, dental anatomy, and head and neck anatomy – all in a single resource. With new clinical content, a new chapter on the anatomy of local anesthesia, and an outstanding new full-color art program, this new edition is perfect for anyone studying to be a Dental Assistant or a Dental Hygienist. In addition, it offers the benefits of a combined text and student workbook, with review questions and unit tests, as well as detachable flashcards for on-the-go study – making this one product a complete learning package.

Table of Contents

UNIT I: INTRODUCTION 1.  Oral Cavity Unit I TestUnit I Suggested Readings UNIT II: DENTAL ANATOMY2. The Tooth Functions 3. Fundamental and Preventative Curvatures4. Dentition5. Development, Form, and Eruption6. Occlusion7. Dental Anomalies8. Supporting Structures9. Clinical Considerations10. Tooth Identification11. Root Morphology12. Incisors13. Canines14. Premolars 15. Molars16. Deciduous Dentition  Unit II Test Unit II Suggested Readings UNIT III: ORAL HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY17. Basic Tissues18. Development of Orofacial Complex19. Dental Lamina and Enamel Organ20. Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp21. Root Formation and Attachment Apparatus22. Eruption and Shedding of Teeth23. Oral Mucous Membrane24. The Tongue25. Histology of the Salivary Glands Unit III TestUnit III Suggested Readings UNIT IV: HEAD AND NECK ANATOMY 26. Osteology of the Skull27. Nose, Nasal Cavity, and Paranasal Sinuses28. Muscles of Mastication, Hyoid Muscles, and Sternocleidomastoid and Trapezius Muscles29. Temporomandibular Joint30. Muscles of Facial Expression31. Soft Palate and Pharynx32. Arterial Supply and Venous Drainage33. Salivary Glands34. Nervous System35. Lymphatics and Spread of Dental Infection36. NEW! Anatomical Considerations in Local Anesthesia Administration Unit IV TestUnit IV Suggested Readings AppendixGlossaryIndexWorkbook QuestionsFlashcards