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An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Market Basics


Author: R. Tee Williams

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 16th September 2010

ISBN-13: 9780080951171

Pages: 336

Language: English



How do financial markets operate on a daily basis? An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Market Basics is the first of four volumes, and introduces the structures, instruments, business functions, technology, regulations, and issues that commonly found in financial markets. Placing each of these elements into context, Tee Williams describes what people do to make the markets run. His descriptions apply to all financial markets, and he includes country-specific features, stories, historical facts, glossaries, and brief technical explanations that reveal individual variations and nuances. Reinforcing his insights are visual cues that guide readers through the material. While this book won’t turn you into an expert broker, it will explain where brokers fit into front office, middle office, and back office operations. And that knowledge is valuable indeed.

Table of Contents

Preface for the Set Features of the Books Acknowledgments Preface Overview Preface for the Set Preface Overview History Visual Glossary Part 1: Entities (The Players) Chapter 1: The Buy Side Chapter 2: The Sell Side Chapter 3: Markets Chapter 4: Support Chapter 5: Regulators Part 2: Instruments Chapter 1: Cash Chapter 2: Derivative Instruments Chapter 3: Packaged Instruments Part 3: Markets and Marketplaces Chapter 1: The Primary Market Chapter 2: Secondary Markets Part 4: Functions (Activities) Chapter 1: Categories Chapter 2: Buy Side Chapter 3: Sell Side Chapter 4: Exchanges and Other Marketplaces Chapter 5: Support Chapter 6: Education Part 5: Technology-Systems, Data, and Networks Part 6: Global Markets Part 7: Risk Management Part 8: Regulation Conclusion Glossary References Index