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Algal Ecology


Author: R. StevensonMax BothwellRex LoweJames Thorp

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 24th May 1996

ISBN-13: 9780080526942

Pages: 753

Language: English



Algae are an important component of aquatic benthic ecosystems because they reflect the health of their environment through their density, abundance, and diversity. This comprehensive and authoritative text is divided into three sections to offer complete coverage of the discussion in this field. The first section introduces the locations of benthic algae in different ecosystems, like streams, large rivers, lakes, and other aquatic habitats. The second section is devoted to the various factors, both biotic and abiotic, that affect benthic freshwater algae. The final section of the book focuses on the role played by algae in a variety of complex freshwater ecosystems. As concern over environmental health escalates, the keystone and pivotal role played by algae is becoming more apparent. This volume in the Aquatic Ecology Series represents an important compilation of the latest research on the crucial niche occupied by algae in aquatic ecosystems.

Table of Contents

Patterns of Benthic Algae in Aquatic Ecosystems: R.J. Stevenson, An Introduction to Algal Ecology in Freshwater Benthic Habitats. B.J.F. Biggs, Patterns in Benthic Algae of Streams. R.L. Lowe, PeriphytonPatterns in Lakes. L.G. Goldsborough and G.G.C. Robinson, Pattern in Wetlands. Factors Affecting Benthic Algae: W.R. Hill, Effects of Light. D.M. DeNicola, Periphyton Responses to Temperature at Different Ecological Levels. M.A. Borchardt, Nutrients. P.V. McCormick, Resource Competition and Species Coexistence in Freshwater Benthic Algal Assemblages. J.M. Burkholder, Interactions of Benthic Algae with Their Substrata. N.C. Tuchman, The Role of Heterotrophyin Algae. R.J. Stevenson, The Stimulation and Drag of Current. A.D. Steinman, Effects of Grazers on Freshwater Benthic Algae. C.G. Peterson, Response of Benthic Algal Communities to Natural Physical Disturbance. R.B. Genter, Ecotoxicology of Inorganic Chemical Stress to Algae. K.D. Hoaglund, J.P. Carder, and R.L. Spawn, Effects of Organic Toxic Substances. D. Planas, Acidification Effects. The Niche of Benthic Algae in Freshwater Ecosystems: G.A. Lamberti, The Role of Periphyton in Benthic Food Webs. T.L. Bott, Algae in Microscopic Food Webs. P.J. Mulholland, Role in Nutrient Cycling in Streams. R.G. Wetzel, Benthic Algae and Nutrient Cycling in Lentic Freshwater Ecosystems. C.D. McIntire, S.V. Gregory, A.D. Steinman, and G.A. Lamberti, Modeling Benthic Algal Communities: An Example from Stream Ecology. R.L. Lowe and Y. Pan, Benthic Algal Communities as Biological Monitors. Taxonomic Index. Subject Index.