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Advances in Virus Research, Volume 66


Author: Karl MaramoroschAaron Shatkin

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 11th July 2006

ISBN-13: 9780080463353

Pages: 424

Language: English



Published since 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews providing a valuable overview of the current field of virology.In 2004, the Institute for Scientific Information released figures showing that the series has an Impact Factor of 2.576, with a half-life of 7.1 years, placing it 11th in the highly competitive category of Virology.

Table of Contents

Spread of plant virus disease to new plantings: a case study of rice tungro disease In a nutshell: Structure and assembly of the vaccinia virion Human papillomaviruses and cervical cancer Plant Signal Transduction and Defense Against Viral Pathogens The Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses Chlorella Viruses Messenger RNA Turnover and Its Regulation in Herpesviral Infection