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Advances in Computer Chess

Author: M. R. B. Clarke

Publisher: Pergamon

Publish Date: 1st January 1982

ISBN-13: 9781483137575

Pages: 190

Language: English



Advances in Computer Chess 3 focuses on the mechanics involved in playing chess on computer. This book features an extensive discussion of the game wherein it is played in a different setting.The selection, which is composed of 13 chapters, features the extensive contributions of researchers who continuously search for ways to improve playing chess on computer. This book starts with the discussion of the basic principles and concepts that can impose changes on how the game is played. A discussion is devoted to the Belle chess hardware. What is clearly pointed out in this section is the speed of the program relative to responses made while playing. A comparison is made between the performance of human and computer in playing chess. The complexity of various computer moves are then elaborated by highlighting how these moves can alter the pace as well as the result of the game. The development of a program that is aimed at solving problems on how chess is played is also noted. This book is a sure hit for those who are fond of playing chess in any playing field.

Table of Contents

Error Analysis of the Minimax Principle Benefits of Minimax Search A Special-Purpose Machine for an Improved Search Algorithm for Deep Chess Combinations Belle Chess Hardware Computer Chess Strength The Bratko-Kopec Experiment: A Comparison of Human and Computer Performance in Chess Automatic Induction of Classification Rules for a Chess Endgame Machine Aided Refinement of Correct Strategies for the Endgame in Chess A Learning Chess Program Development of a Program for Solving Retrograde Analysis Chess Problems Information and Complexity in Chess Positional Long-Range Planning in Computer Chess Decision Making and Computers Index