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Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 19

Author: J. A. Callow

Publisher: Academic Press

Publish Date: 10th June 1993

ISBN-13: 9780080561738

Pages: 344

Language: English



Advances in Botanical Research is a multi-volume publication bringing together reviews by recognized experts on subjects of importance to those involved in botanical research. The four essays in this volume reflect the very latest in botanical research with their broad scope of interest to plant scientists in many areas. The articles include a detailed examination of oligosaccarins, the role of plant hormones in root-to-shoot communications, second-hand choloplasts,and the gametophyte-sporophyte junction in land plants.

Table of Contents

S. Aldington and S.C. Fry, Oligosaccharins. M.B. Jackson, Are Plant Hormones Involed in Root to Shoot Communication? G.I. McFadden, Second-hand Chloroplasts: Evolution of Cryptomonad Algae. R. Ligrone, J.G. Duckett, and K.S. Renzaglia, The Gametophyte-Sporophyte Junction in Land Plants. Author Index. Subject Index.