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Academic Search Engines


Author: Jose Luis Ortega

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

Publish Date: 15th August 2014

ISBN-13: 9781780634722

Pages: 222

Language: English



Academic Search Engines: intends to run through the current panorama of the academic search engines through a quantitative approach that analyses the reliability and consistence of these services. The objective is to describe the main characteristics of these engines, to highlight their advantages and drawbacks, and to discuss the implications of these new products in the future of scientific communication and their impact on the research measurement and evaluation. In short, Academic Search Engines presents a summary view of the new challenges that the Web set to the scientific activity through the most novel and innovative searching services available on the Web.

Table of Contents

Dedication List of figures and tables Figures Tables Preface About the author 1: Introduction Abstract What is an academic search engine? Challenges for an academic search engine The evolution of academic search engines Future perspectives 2: CiteSeerx: a scientific engine for scientists Abstract Autonomous citation indexing A focus on computer science A searchable digital library Searching for authors and citations Parsing mistakes Other ‘Seers’: the CiteSeerx lab A pioneer in citation indexing 3: Scirus: a multi-source searcher Abstract Web pages and authoritative sources Crawling and data extraction Source filtering Ranking on links A missed opportunity 4: AMiner: science networking as an information source Abstract A networked engine A chaotic design Based on bibliographic databases Searching only in documents Exhaustive author profiles PatentMiner A half-academic search engine 5: Microsoft Academic Search: the multi-object engine Abstract The object-level vertical search engine Slow content updating speed Filtering across the directory A multidimensional ranking A composition based on profiles Visualization: graphs as research assessment tools More a directory than an engine 6: Google Scholar: on the shoulders of a giant Abstract A specialization of Google Feeding back its own sources The opacity of results Google Scholar’s additional services The most exhaustive academic search engine 7: Other academic search engines Abstract BASE Q-Sensei Scholar WorldWideScience 8: A comparative analysis Abstract Functioning Structure Coverage Searching A heterogeneous sample 9: Final remarks References Index