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A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Clinical Measurement


Author: John FoxRichard Day

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Publish Date: 27th March 2009

ISBN-13: 97807020614629780702036101

Pages: 288

Language: English



A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Measurement is an essential tool for both the student and clinician who will gain ready access to a wide range of common measurement techniques. This exclusive handy guide gives detailed images of the various measuring methods used in practice, such as goniometric measurement of all the main joints; lower and upper limb girth measurements; manual muscle testing of all major muscle groups; spinal measurements; spirometry (respiratory function); and many more! Each illustration is accompanied by concise but clear instructional text. Additionally, reference tables cover the aims, methodology and results of research, summarising studies on the reliability and validity of a particular measuring tool.

Table of Contents

PrefaceAcknowledgementsReliability and Validity of Measurement Tools 1 The Hip Joint2 The Knee Joint3 The Ankle Joint4 The Shoulder Joint5 The Elbow Joint6 The Wrist/Carpal Joints7 The Hand8 The Spine9 The Respiratory System Appendix 1 The Visual Analogue Scale for PainAppendix 2 Summary of Studies Assessing the Reliability and Validity of Measuring Tools in PhysiotherapyIndex